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Suitable for producing swimwear related fabrics
The company specializes in mass production of ordinary nylon and recycled environmentally friendly yarn (RECYCLE) woven and dyed polyester nylon material swimsuit fabrics and inner fabrics such as beaded cloth, frame cloth, lycra cloth, and plain weave.
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Suitable for production of underwear related fabrics
The company mass-produces ordinary tarpaulins, super-fine tarps, super-fine frame cloths, fisheye fabrics, etc. and various mold cup fabrics produced by RECYCLE.
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Suitable for producing wetsuits, beachwear related fabrics
N cloth, T cloth, imitation N cloth, elastic cloth, gauze cloth, frame cloth, etc. required by the company for the production of water supplies
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Suitable for the production of yoga clothing, sportswear, toys, leather related fabrics
The company produces various elastic fabrics for yoga wear; sportswear, toys, leather, various single and double-sided fabrics for household use.
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